Espadin Mezcal

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The wonderful El Silencio brand of Mezcal, born in LA and distilled in Oaxaca has finally released their anticipated Black Bottle offering. This is their "entry level" but the quality is just as incredible as their top offering. Distilled from 100% Espadin agave, using only traditional harvesting, roasting, fermentation and distillation techniques, El Silencio remains committed to making authentic mezcal approachable for everybody. The Black Bottle really hits the mark, delivering all the classic flavors in a more subtle and nuanced way than most. Not to mention that excellent price makes it a little more realistic for those just getting into mezcal and total doable for those experimenting with the spirit in their home bar.

Tasting Notes:

COLOR: Clear with solid white accents

AROMA: Smoke, ash, & baking spices

AGAVE: Espadín

TASTE: Roasted Figs, Sweet Potatoes, & Charred Stone Fruit

FINISH: Predominantly white pepper,  bell pepper, & a myriad of baking spices

APPROACH: El Silencio “Espadín” is both a mixing and sipping mezcal.​


Double distilled in copper stills 43% Alc. Vol. - 86 proof Net. Cont. 750 ml


(No reviews yet) Write a Review